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United States

No Photoshop. No Computer Manipulation. 

Every color you see is created onsite by our own hands using flashlights, strobe lights, and colored theater gels. The camera shutter remains open two to nine minutes, while the full moon or our own hand-held lights expose each building, wall, structure or creature. Every composition requires a lot of experimentation, patience, and climbing in and out of rickety buildings before we get the final, perfect shot. The long drives, late nights, bugs, animals, frozen toes, and unexpected roll-in of thick cloud cover can make every single adventure a tale to tell.

And we'd be happy to tell you more . . .


Go West Find Gold


We are Doing Something Different

We've been showing our work in festivals for seven years now, and there's one thing most photographers do not do:

one-of-a-kind photographs

We want to change that.

Last October we traveled west to the Dakotas. We were on the search for our own version of gold: something rare, something unique. Something that only one of you can possess.

Well, we nestled real deep into the prairie to rustle up a rare and truly one-of-a-kind night photograph. It took some work. There was some rain. Even a vehicular casualty. But we found our gold.

What does this mean exactly?

It means we shot a seriously cool piece of history, and we are creating ONLY ONE print for sale.

Bonus Stuff!

Along with this 40” x 26” Sublimation* Print on Chromalux, we're throwing in: An Original Polaroid of the same subject-matter (taken in daylight) & a Short Story of our experience, both items include wood frame with acid-free archival mat.

Of course, you'll also get a certificate of authenticity and assurance this is, and will be, the only print created. Ever.


Short Story Excerpt

. . . So we milled around the dark old ghost town of Griffin, North Dakota, and waited patiently for the drizzle to pass. Griffin probably hadn’t seen any significant action for the better part of 50 years. In fact, the town’s only residents included a motley crew of forgotten history: an old school house, one lone Milwaukee Road boxcar, dozens of supremely vintage vehicles, a windmill, and something else, something particularly unique. As we approached the western edge of the defunct make-shift town, we happened upon a serious tank of an aluminum travel trailer, a 1951 Spartan Royal Mansion. At 33 feet long and 2.5 tons, so gigantic, it made the Airstream look like an AMC Pacer. Its construction closely resembled a vintage aeroplane, while its internal furnishings—from what we could tell as we peered inside its windows—well, clearly all the comforts of a quaint mobile home straight out of the mid-century . . . .

$3500   1/1  - SOLD!


*What is Sublimation?

It's a paperless process where ink is heat-infused into wood ChromaLuxe, with a shiny protective coating. It's durable, vibrant, saturated, nearly 3-dimensional when you see it in person. Ready to hang. Ready to love!