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No Photoshop. No Computer Manipulation. 

Every color you see is created onsite by our own hands using flashlights, strobe lights, and colored theater gels. The camera shutter remains open two to nine minutes, while the full moon or our own hand-held lights expose each building, wall, structure or creature. Every composition requires a lot of experimentation, patience, and climbing in and out of rickety buildings before we get the final, perfect shot. The long drives, late nights, bugs, animals, frozen toes, and unexpected roll-in of thick cloud cover can make every single adventure a tale to tell.

And we'd be happy to tell you more . . .


Night Photography & Light Painting - Katie & Chris Robleski | Fading Nostalgia

Join us as we explore the backroads of America. Check out our night photography & light painting gallery. Tell us about your own adventures! Or just sit back and take it in!

Come by and see us!


St. Charles Fine Art Show

Downtown St. Charles, Illinois

Saturday, May 28: 11am-6pm

Sunday, MAY 29: 10am-5pm


We create the color onsite, painting it by hand, so to speak. With the full moon at our side, we pop strobes and wield flashlights like paintbrushes across the interiors of these structures, capturing the vibrance through long exposure photography.

...and now podcasting

A little story about our night venture inside of an abandoned, 90-year-old theater in the heart of East St. Louis...

Stay tuned for our 2016 Art Festival Schedule! Another Fading Nostalgia U.S. Tour is definitely in the works!